Adorcist Books publishes illustrated and multimedia stories building off of the traditions of gothic, weird literature, and horror.

Trailer on Quiet Lake is a serial novel told through stories, pictures, and sound. After moving to the small town of Milford and inheriting a trailer, Bert gets drawn into the books kept in the trailer and the history of the strange place.

New chapters will be released on Fridays until the story is finished. All chapters of Trailer on Quiet Lake will be free for all subscribers for at least a month, at which point they’ll go into the archive.

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Subscribe to get the full story of the trailer on Quiet Lake and the town of Milford. If you love small town horror with elements of 90’s anthology and found footage, Milford and Quiet Lake are the perfect place for you. Every subscriber will have access to the full story as it is published. After about a month, chapters will go behind the paywall. If you missed one or two and don’t want to subscribe, just reach out and I’ll see what I can do.

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A serial novel about an inherited trailer and a small town.


Adorcist Books

Adorcist Books publishes stories rooted in gothic, weird literature, and horror traditions. All works by Benjamin Gardner